What types of site radios are there?

Although the statements made above generally apply to most construction site radio stations, in detail there are differences between the models, which may initially hardly be noticed. Even if a construction site radio test comparison takes these details into consideration and lists them at least in keywords, we want to break down the possible differences between construction site radios in more detail below.

It should be noted that not always runs between the variants a sharp limit, some models also support several standards and functions of a baustellenradio test.

analog radio

Despite the digital revolution, most radio receivers in Germany still work on the proven VHF base.

Outdoor radio produced and successfully sold. Although the time of analogue technology seems relentless, there are still reasons that speak in favor of analogue broadcasting.


Very good network coverage, Germany-wide receivable
Analog devices are often cheaper to buy
Disadvantages of a test
Not all stations are available throughout Germany (regional station)
Often poor sound quality (background noise, disturbed reception, etc.)

Digital radio (DAB, DAB +)

Sent and received is now not only analog, but also digital. Despite many undeniable benefits and generous support from the German government, digital technology has not succeeded in replacing the popular analogue technology. Nevertheless, it seems only a matter of time until digital broadcasting becomes standard throughout Europe.

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