The best Room Escape Games in Connecticut

Room Escape Games or Live Escape Games have been the biggest trend among leisure activities for some time. In Connecticut, there are now many providers of live escape games. I have already played some of these games in the capital and would like to introduce you to the top 5 of my favorite live escape games in Connecticut.

Escape Room Connecticut

Escape Room Connecticut

Mission Escape Games!

Escape Room Connecticut has three different missions: The Beast of Connecticut, The Lost Treasure and Go West. So many details and such a thoughtful decoration as in “The Beast of Connecticut”, I’ve yet seen in any Live Escape Game so far.

The rooms are located in an inconspicuous Connecticut cellar, but what was made of the once boring white rooms is really awesome! The scenarios have been designed in great detail and it is almost believed that this is really happening.

In “The Beast of Connecticut” you will find yourself in the Connecticut of the 20s again and are on the trail of a dangerous serial killer. You have to find him and track down his hiding place.

“Go West” takes up the theme of the Cold War in Connecticut and takes place in a living room in the former GDR. You want to flee to the West and get from a secret source a tip on how you could escape.

In “The lost Treasure” you have to find a lost object during excavation work at the University in Connecticut.

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